What we do

Algorithmic scoring engine

Our product is an algorithmic credit-scoring engine that emulates the human intelligence of experienced underwriters for short-term uncollateralised personal loans.


Credit default distribution

We are mapping the credit default distribution in Nigeria and researching the relationships between the variables that drive credit default in Nigeria.



Big data analytics

Nigeria’s leading credit risk data analytics company. StartCredits is disrupting traditional borrowing utilizing innovative new technologies.


Our Mission

Our mission is to increase financial inclusion in Africa through innovative technologies.

Our Vision

A financial system that includes significant numbers of citizens and fosters sustainable growth.


Editorial Independence

We maintain a strict separation between the editorial process and the work of our business development team. This means our writers and editors complete reviews independently of our sales staff.  Our adherence to these values means our audience can count on us for intelligent, thought-out analysis on loan providers and our sponsors will get an audience that is expecting the best.


Financial Models

We gather data on rates, term, stock prices, volatility, trading fees and other attributes. That data is then substantiated, and the scores are weighted to create an overall score, using a proprietary weighted model.

We’d love to work with you!

microfinance, moneylenders, mortgage and bank lenders that wish to collaborate with StartCredits