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An individual with a score of 800 or above has an exceptional credit history. Well above the average, a person with a high credit score has likely had multiple lines of credit for many years, hasn’t exceeded any of their credit limits and has paid off all their debts in a timely manner.

Scores in the mid- to upper 700s are good scores. Individuals with a score in this range borrow and spend wisely and make timely payments. These individuals, as with those in the 800+ range, tend to have an easier time getting credit and typically pay significantly lower interest rates.

The most common scores sit somewhere between 650 and 750. While the individual with a score in this range has fairly good credit, he or she might have had some late payments. These individuals typically don’t have a difficult time getting loans, however, they may have to pay slightly higher interest rates.

The last real range to consider is a score of 599 or lower. They are considered poor credit scores and usually result from multiple late payments, failure to pay off debts, or debts that have gone to collections agencies. Individuals with such scores often find it difficult – if not impossible – to get any form of credit.

The key for any individual looking for a good score is to establish lines of credit, use them in small or measured amounts, and pay them off quickly. Having a good score is important, especially for individuals looking to take out major loans such as an auto loan or a home mortgage.

Financial Planning - Essential

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  • Improve your score
  • Create a budget

Financial Planning - Deluxe

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  • Create a budget
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