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More and more start-ups or small-scale businesses in Nigeria are finding it hard to secure funds needed to operate safely, but there are possibilities for those who can learn about existing opportunities for loans and investments. In simpler terms, securing loans as a small business in Nigeria is not as tough as it sounds. Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria, is actually facing serious challenges currently. At no point in the history of the most populous black
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Writers face more challenges trying to get published these days than they ever did in the past, yet there are several options that a writer can explore so as to learn how to make money book publishing in Nigeria.   Most of us grew up knowing and reading ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe. In recent times, we have read books by Chimamanda Adichie (who is currently in the bad books of a lot of
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Most investors in Nigeria find it hard to decide the type of small business to engage in, but this is not a tough decision to make with the right information. Nigeria’s money-spinning small businesses are not too hard to identify.   You Are Successful, But Challenged You have been able to achieve what most people could not: you have been liberated financially. Another achievement of yours is that you are set to join the relative
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People know about loans, but few understand the nature of local moneylenders and loan systems in Nigeria. While there may be options available to borrowers, for one to Borrow Cash successfully, there should be an avenue for proper guidance to loans with manageable Credit Risk.     Why We Visit Moneylenders If you live in Nigeria, you already know how tough it is to get loans as a civil servant, business man (especially of the
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Music production business in Nigeria has its difficulties, but there are ways for one to learn how to make money as a music producer in Nigeria. The Music Production Business Nigeria has one of the biggest music industries in the world, especially in Africa. The potential for growth is also very encouraging, as even global audit firm PriceWaterHouseCooper has predicted that the industry could rise in worth to $86 million US dollars by year 2020.
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Uber is one of Nigeria’s safest transport systems and companies. As more and more investors begin to get lured by its relatively secure operation, there is a need to sort out ways to raise funds for this business, especially as one may ask: “Do I need a loan to start Uber business in Nigeria? Why Uber? Transport service at your beck and call? Realtime response to requests for transportation? Reliable payment platforms and drivers? Uber
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Starting a business in Nigeria is not very easy considering what one has to go through to raise the capital and keep the business going, here are some of the most profitable businesses you can start with ₦10,000 in Nigeria. There are a lot of entrepreneurs with great business ideas but they cant implement them due to inability to get the start up fund (capital). However, there are some small scale businesses that require a