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Tips on securing loans in Nigeria

Choosing the right loan in Nigeria is a very difficult decision to make given the plethora of options increasingly available. We now have many registered moneylenders who provide loans instantly online to you bank account without having to travel to the bank. How much, for how long? The formula’s simple. Borrow as little as possible, repay as quickly as possible. To avoid complications, always base your borrowing on what you can comfortably afford to repay
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Nigeria’s journey with foreign debt became noteworthy in the 1950s when the Nationalist wave swept through Africa to spark the independence of Nations from their colonial masters. A World Bank delegation visited Nigeria in 1953 to appraise the country’s development potential and to make recommendations for practical steps to accelerate development. The recommendation yielded a £185m facility that funded transportation and communications, public health, education, and other social or more directly productive services and for
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Nigeria’s rising public debt over the last few quarters has increased pressures on government expenditure to cover interest repayments. Although a comparative analysis shows that the ratio of debt-to-GDP is very low in Nigeria. Nigeria has a debt to GDP ratio of 21.19% as at December 2017. Nigeria has a total outstanding debt of 20trillion naira as at Q3 2017 up from 17trillion in 2016. The debt to GDP ratio is far below the critical
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Who is receiving Nigerian bank loans is a question we have been asking ourselves for a long time, at work, church and family gatherings. The banking sector provided a total credit of N63.27tn to finance the activities of the private sector in 2017, figures from the National Bureau of Statistics revealed. A breakdown of the N63.27tn showed that the sum of N16tn was provided in the first quarter while the second, third and fourth quarters
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Bitcoin in Nigeria Our nation is currently trading about $4.7 million Bitcoin in Nigeria a week, up from about $300,000 per week a year ago. That’s No. 23 globally, according to researcher CryptoCompare—far below the more than $1 billion traded daily in U.S. dollars or Japanese yen, but comparable to the volume of activity in Chinese yuan or Indian rupees. Given its increased popularity and high volatility the CBN put out a circular last year warning
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There is good news for Nigerian borrowers today, as the CBN released data which shows the availability of unsecured loans provided by Nigerian banks to households rose and was expected to rise further. Lenders such as GTB, Access and Zenith reported higher appetite for risk and brighter economic outlook as the major factors that contributed to the increase in loans in Q4 2017. Despite lenders’ resolve to tighten the credit scoring criteria for total unsecured
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There are several ways to lower your debt in Nigeria. These include refinancing, consolidation and renegotiating payment terms. Whether it was that Wizkid or Adekunle Gold concert ticket that set us back on our financial goals for 2018, these techniques will help us to recover our finances from the excesses we indulged in this festive period. Refinancing Refinancing allows you to lower the monthly cost of items that are otherwise tough to change. If you plan