Interest Rate (28% – 31%)






PayConnect makes it easy for employees of selected vetted organizations to access Salary Advance instantly using their mobile phone at very competitive interest rates and without the need to provide collateral.

Their minimum loan request is N5000 and the maximum loan amount is N10,000 for the first application. Subsequent loan amount will increase by 50% monthly, subject to early repayments and maximum of 30% of monthly net income.

Once you decide on the amount you want and you have set up your repayment schedule money is sent to the your salary bank account instantly.



  • No Collateral
  • Fast approval
  • Choice of repayment scheme


  • Low maximum loan
  • Employer approval required
  • Only Mastercard and Visa Accepted



  • Individuals above the age of 18 years old
  • Government approved ID card (Drivers’ License, International Passport, National ID Card, Permanent Voters’ Card)
  • Salary Account Must be Domiciled in a Commercial Bank In Nigeria
  • Must be a Bona Fide Employee of Approved Institution
  • Must Submit A Valid Staff ID card
  • Must have received salary in the Account for 6 Months Prior to Application
  • Must Submit 3 Months Statement of Account
  • Must Have a Debit Card linked to Salary Account
  • Your account must be funded prior to application with at least N100
  • Applicant Must Tokenize , and Validate Identity with his Debit card and BVN


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