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Tips on securing loans in Nigeria

Nigerian students Asking the question “How do I pay for university?” is like asking, ‘How do I get to Lagos Island?’ or, ‘How do I start my side hustle?’ There are many ways to pay for university in Nigeria, but there’s not always one clear path. If you’re like most students and families, you’ll hustle together funds from different sources. Some types of financing methods are better than others, so use the following advice in
There is no time to delay when it comes to managing your money given the current economic situation in Nigeria. This means taking a really close look at where your money’s coming from, and where it’s going. In this guide we will give you a few tips on how to manage your money in Nigeria. Get out your bank statements and go through them line by line. When you take a close look at where
Most Nigerian banks provide credit card to salary earners who bank with them, but it’s also all too easy to rack up a big bill. If that’s happened to you and you’re stressed about how you’re going to pay it back, you need a strategy. In this guide we show you how to manage your credit card debt in Nigeria. Here are six pointers that should not only help you pay back your bill, but
The sort code is a number which usually identifies both the bank and the branch where an account is held. The sort code is usually used when transferring funds from one account in one bank branch to another branch of the bank or another bank. Here are a list of all the sort codes of Nigerian banks. Sort Codes of Nigerian Banks Bank Name Sortcode Access Bank Plc 44150149 Diamond Bank Plc 63150162 Ecobank Nigeria
USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It allows bank customers have access to basic financial services by simply dialing the code of your bank. The USSD Codes of Nigerian Banks are provided in the list below. You must have a bank account linked to your mobile telephone number to perform a USSD transaction. You don’t need to go to a bank to register for the USSD code. Registration is done with your mobile phone
The festive season is over and many of us will have made New Year’s resolutions. But are we sticking to them or are they already a distant memory?  It’s funny how we always hope and expect that as one year slips into another things will be different. Somehow we will have the money, time and energy to be the better versions of ourselves that we long to be. As such we have created this guide
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Before you apply for a quick and instant loan in Nigeria, you must conduct research on the available providers for your loan type. In this guide we summarize a selection of the top online lenders in Nigeria in 2019 for quick access to business and personal loans. Page Microfinance Bank Page Microfinance Bank is a CBN licensed institution offering loans for multiple purposes in Nigeria.   Products Micro loans – This is for entrepreneurs, traders